What are the main tea grades? Orthodox manufacture

OP : Orange Pekoe – pronounced [PEE-koh]. Usually from Ceylon and also from much of southern India. These are the largest rolled leaves. Liquors are light or pale in colour. A common misconception is that Orange Pekoe is a type of tea with an orange flavor, or that is otherwise somehow associated with the orange fruit. In fact, however, the word ‘Orange’ has nothing at all to do with the tea’s flavour.

OPA : Orange Peko A – Long bold leaf tea with fair twist. Larger than OP in size. Light in cup.

BOP : Broken Orange Pekoe. Considerably large pieces of broken leaves, which need more time to infuse. This grade of tealeaves is slower to infuse than D and F. Many fine teas are available starting from this grade

Pekoe : Shotty, curly or semi curly leaf of large size. Bigger than BOP. The liquors generally have more color than a leafy grade

OP1 : Orange Pekoe 1 – well made, wiry, twisted long leaf. Liquor light in cup.

BOP1 : Broken Orange Pekoe 1 – Wiry and twisted, shorter than OP1.

FBOPF1Sp : Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning 1 Special – similar leaf to BOP1, has long bright tips. Light in cup.

GFOP : Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe – Often referred to flowery orange pekoe with “tips” and flowers that are golden in colour.

TGFOP : Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe – A larger ratio of golden tips would be included in this classification of flowery orange pekoe.

B.O.P.F. : Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning – It is much smaller than B.O.P. and its main virtues are quick brewing, with good colour in the cup.

Dust : The tiniest particles of the broken tea leaves left behind after sifting due to mechanical damage by transportation or processing. The relatively smallest particle size has the biggest surface area and contributes to rapidly steeping of tea. D grade tea is often used in tea bags.

Fanning : Slightly larger than dust, this grade has the same rapid steeping property like D-grade and often used in tea bags.

Unorthodox : ( CTC ) manufacture

BP1 : Broken Pekoe1- Most common broken pekoe grade. Slightly larger than B.O.P., but granular.

PF1 : Pekoe Fanning 1 – Equivalent in size to grainy BOPF but granular. Heavy liquor, dark in cup mainly used in tea bags

PD : Pekoe Dust – Similar to Orthodox Dust, but granular. Heavy liquor, dark in cup mainly used in tea bags


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