Herbal Infusions

A range of healthy, detoxifying herbal infusions for the mind, body and soul. These natural herbs will help you address many ailments while leaving you refreshed. Each brew is sure to relax your mind and body after a long day or will give you a boost of instant energy to start your day. These natural herbs have been selected due its health benefits, refreshing taste and aroma.


This is an exotic blend of Moringa leaves, Orange and Ginger giving it a perfect balance of flavours and nutrients. Moringa is rich in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight infections. Each sip will transport you to a serene and a peaceful place of your own. This natural herb infusion is ideal to be enjoyed mid-day or post meal



A beverage consumed by ancient royals who were astoundingly educated on the healing properties of the ingredients incorporated in to this infusion. Inspired by the ancient healers of the Eastern continents, this beverage is ideal for complete detoxification of the body, while calming the digestive system. Each sip will leave you feeling well and invigorated much like the ancient Kings and Queens of the East in a bygone world.


Hibiscus and Rosehip

A sweet summary blend of natural Hibiscus, Rosehip shell and Orange peel. A refreshing beverage to quench your thirst, Hibiscus is also known to be effective at lowering blood pressure while Rosehip is full of vitamin C. Both hibiscus and rosehips contain powerful antioxidants that may support your immune system. A perfect brew to be taken hot or cold with a dash of honey.



A divine beverage with Ceylon Cinnamon. This blend of natural Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Rosehip shell and Lemon is perfect for any time of day. It’s packed with Vitamins and anti-oxidants which will detoxify your body making you feel brand new. Ceylon Cinnamon is known for lowering blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors, and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits. It’s best served cold with a dash of natural honey.


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